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Work Health and Safety
Work Health and Safety
At Quantum Safety, Health and Safety underpins everything we do. It is our number one priority. We are committed to ensure that we as an employer and our people (office and site based) are compliant with work health and safety requirements. Due to the specialised field of work, and the high-risk nature of the Rail industry in which we operate, we simply cannot afford to neglect a pivotal component of industry legislation.

We adopt a transparent and meaningful approach with our people, regularly consulting with our employees and contractors to ensure they communicate in an effective and meaningful manner on any Work Health and Safety issues that may arise on site. We ensure that all our workers and contractors are aware of their obligations for Work Health & Safety in areas under their control.

We regularly carry out on-site audits of our people to ensure that they adhere to our high safety standards at all times.

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Quantum Safety specialises in safe working and worksite protection across the NSW rail network. As service delivery partners, we provide customised, safety-centric solutions for the most demanding worksites.
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