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Corporate and Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
At Quantum Safety, we are proud to have developed a business model that allows our company to adopt a high degree of social accountability. With our CSR strategy and framework, we have been able to provide a platform to ensure that we are conducting our business in an ethical manner. This means taking account of our social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights. We are working in partnership with local communities to build effective relationships and leave a positive footprint in all our community undertakings.
Our Commitments
Diversity and Inclusiveness
Diversity is about taking account of the differences between people and groups of people and placing a positive value on those differences. At Quantum Safety, we believe all work environments should foster a culture of diversity and inclusiveness and take pride in believing that we are an employer that ticks these boxes, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age, status, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
Equal Opportunity
Equality of opportunity is about ensuring everybody has an equal chance to take up opportunities and to make full use of the opportunities on offer and to fulfil their potential. At Quantum Safety we believe that every worker should have the opportunity to enjoy an equal chance to chase their dreams, up skill and learn something new at work in whatever industry they choose. We are proud to adopt an approach which allows us to provide this opportunity for all walks of life.
Zero Waste from Device Consumables
We recycle device consumables such as toner cartridges with an Australian company called “Close the Loop” and encourage our customers to join us and do the same. Some of these consumables are returned to the original manufacturer for remanufacturing, while the remainder are processed through Close the Loop's patented ‘Green Machine'. This guarantees that zero waste ends up in landfill.
E-Waste repurposed & recycled
When a Quantum Safety device is approaching the end of its life, our technicians place it into holding. Here they are either refurbished, kept for parts or sent to “SIMS Recycling Solutions”. We highly value our partnership with SIMS as they ensure all our E-waste is securely repurposed or recycled, manually disassembling and mechanically shredding all our old technology so it can be made into new materials.
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Quantum Safety specialises in safe working and worksite protection across the NSW rail network. As service delivery partners, we provide customised, safety-centric solutions for the most demanding worksites.
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