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Rail Safety Specialists and Worksite Protection Solutions
Quantum Safety specialises in safe working and worksite protection across the NSW rail network.
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When it's your job to maintain a safe worksite, it's reassuring to know we've been down this track many times before.
Achieving your most ambitious goals needs the right people onboard. Led by accomplished rail safety specialists, we put our extensive leadership and operational management experience to work for you.

   How we can help
Safe Working Staff
Our worksite protection specialists are skilled in various levels, satisfying any safe working requirement:
  • Protection Officers Level 1-4
  • Possession Planning & Coordination Services
  • Handsignallers level 1-2
  • Electrical Permit Holder (Mei)
  • Traffic Officers (WSA01)
  • Zone Marshals
  • PICOW (Person in charge of works - Sydney Light Rail)
Safe working planning: Rail Safety Requirements
We work with you to develop the most effective and efficient solutions to Worksite Protection Plans to meet the rail safety requirements. We identify the most practicable options for each worksite, with safety and efficiency always top of mind.

We balance the need for safety with operational need. So, we are always looking at how to reduce costs for our clients, without compromising safety. We start by understanding your project, your site, and then identifying your safe working staff requirements.
The Quantum Safety added value
Qualified, skilled personnel
All our staff are highly competent, well-trained and fully-accredited, meaning you can rely on them to carry out their work safely and efficiently.
We are founded on the idea of being better and doing better. We act with fairness, transparency, and are accountable for our actions.
Extensive industry experience
We have deep industry experience and are highly respected in the rail and track protection sector.
Digitally enabled
We harness the power of innovative technologies to improve safety and report on meaningful metrics.
You can rely on us to deliver what we promise, every time. We do this by offering value-added services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.
Safe hands
Our core business is safe working staff, so we are committed to getting it done safely, with no disruptions to the network.
Quantum Safety
Quantum Safety specialises in safe working and worksite protection across the NSW rail network. As service delivery partners, we provide customised, safety-centric solutions for the most demanding worksites.
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